Mentaiko Sushi: The Savory and Spicy Delight from Japan

If you are a sushi lover, you have probably heard about the mouth-watering delicacy that is mentaiko sushi. Mentaiko is a Japanese word that translates to “spicy cod roe,” a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine. This vibrant ingredient is used in various ways, from mentaiko rice to pasta, sauce, and even bread. It’s so versatile … Read more

A Guide to Dry Aged Lamb: Everything You Need To Know

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Low Sodium Chocolate Chip Cookies: A Sweet Treat Without the Salt

Are you tired of having to give up your favorite sweet treats because of a low-sodium diet? Look no further than low sodium chocolate chip cookies! Though traditional chocolate chip cookies are often high in salt, with a few modifications, you can now enjoy this classic dessert without the unnecessary sodium. Not only are low … Read more

Borda Ranch: Your Gateway to Delicious Local Meat and Refined Dining Experience

If you’re a meat lover and you happen to be in Reno, then you should definitely pay a visit to Borda Ranch. This family-owned ranch has been in operation for over 60 years, producing some of the finest quality meats in the region. From prime rib to lamb, Borda Ranches has it all. By visiting … Read more