The Ultimate Guide to Blanket Hotboxing: From DIY Masks to Vaping Under Covers

Are you familiar with the concept of blanket hotboxing? If not, you’re missing out on a smoking hot trend that’s taken the smoking community by storm. Simply put, it’s the art of creating a hotbox environment using nothing but a blanket or covering.

Whether you prefer smoking bud, vaping concentrate, or dabbing, hotboxing with your friends is a fun and social way to inhale as much smoke as possible. But hotboxing presents its own set of challenges. It can be tough to keep the smoke contained, not to mention the lingering odor it leaves behind.

That’s where the “smoke buddy” and DIY hotbox masks come in handy. They’re designed to help filter out the smoke and reduce the smell. Not to mention, they’re much cheaper than buying expensive commercial-grade air filters.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about blanket hotboxing. We’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions like “What is slang for hotboxing?” and “Can you hotbox a dab pen?” Plus, we’ll give you some tips on how to hotbox a room without it smelling. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of blanket hotboxing.

Smoke Buddy: The Perfect Companion for Your Blanket Hotbox

If you’re someone who enjoys smoking in the privacy of your own home, a blanket hotbox might be just the thing you need. But what if you live with roommates or family members who don’t appreciate the smell of smoke? That’s where a smoke buddy comes in handy.

A smoke buddy is a personal air filter that helps eliminate the smell and smoke of your smoking sessions. Here are some key things to know about smoke buddies:

How it Works

A smoke buddy works by filtering the smoke you exhale through a carbon filter that traps any smoke and odor particles inside the device. The result is clean, odor-free air that won’t raise any eyebrows or trigger any smoke detectors.

Benefits of Using a Smoke Buddy

There are several benefits to using a smoke buddy, including:

  • It reduces odors and smoke that might disturb roommates, family members, or neighbors
  • It helps you smoke discreetly without drawing unwanted attention
  • It doesn’t require batteries or electricity to function
  • It’s compact, portable, and easy to use
  • It can save you money by reducing the amount of air fresheners or incense you need to buy

How to Use a Smoke Buddy

Using a smoke buddy is easy. Simply exhale your smoke into the device, and the filter will work its magic. Here are some tips for using your smoke buddy:

  • Make sure the filter is properly placed inside the device before you smoke
  • Exhale slowly and consistently into the device to ensure the filter has enough time to trap the smoke particles
  • Replace the filter regularly (after around 300 exhales) to maintain the device’s effectiveness

Overall, a smoke buddy can be an excellent addition to your blanket hotbox setup. It helps you smoke discreetly and without disturbing those around you, making for a more enjoyable smoking experience. With its ease of use and portability, a smoke buddy is a must-have accessory for any smoker.

DIY Hotbox Mask

Hotboxing is a popular trend where people gather in an enclosed space and smoke marijuana to intensify the high. While hotboxing can be fun, it can also cause irritation in the eyes, throat, and lungs. To mitigate these effects, many people use hotbox masks to trap the smoke and filter out harmful toxins. In this section, we will discuss how to make a DIY hotbox mask that is both inexpensive and effective.

What You’ll Need

Before you begin, make sure you have the following items:

  • A plastic bottle
  • A surgical mask
  • A pair of scissors
  • Duct tape

Steps to Make Your Hotbox Mask

Follow these simple steps to make your hotbox mask:

  1. Cut off the bottom part of the plastic bottle using a pair of scissors.
  2. Cut a small rectangular hole in the center of the bottle cap.
  3. Cut off the extra fabric from the surgical mask to fit your face.
  4. Place the surgical mask on the bottom of the plastic bottle and secure it with duct tape.
  5. Put the mask over your face and inhale the smoke through the hole in the cap.

Benefits of DIY Hotbox Mask

blanket hotbox

Here are some benefits of making your hotbox mask:

  • It’s more affordable than buying a mask at a store.
  • It’s customizable and can be adjusted to your face size.
  • It can filter out toxins and prevent respiratory irritation.
  • It’s easy to make with readily available materials.


While using a hotbox mask can mitigate some of the harmful effects of hotboxing, it should not be relied upon as a solution. Here are some precautions to keep in mind:

  • Only hotbox in a well-ventilated area to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Don’t forget to drink water and take breaks to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.
  • Don’t use a hotbox mask while driving or operating heavy machinery.
  • Always be mindful of the people around you and respect their boundaries.

In conclusion, making your hotbox mask is an easy and affordable way to protect yourself from harmful toxins while enjoying the hotboxing experience. Remember to take precautions and always practice safe hotboxing etiquette. Have fun, but always prioritize your health and safety.

Hawaiian Hotbox

The Hawaiian hotbox is a type of hotbox that originated in Hawaii. It involves smoking marijuana in a confined space, like a car, to intensify the effects of the high. If you’re interested in trying out this popular type of hotbox, here are a few things you should know:

How to Prepare for a Hawaiian Hotbox

To prepare for a Hawaiian hotbox, you’ll need to:

  • Get high-quality weed from a reliable source.
  • Roll a few joints or pack a bowl or bong.
  • Choose a small, enclosed space, like a car, tent, or small room that can be easily ventilated.
  • Put on some chill music or turn on your favorite movie to set the mood.

How to Hotbox like a Hawaiian

Now that you’re ready, here’s how to hotbox like a Hawaiian:

  1. Close all doors and windows to keep the smoke inside the car, tent, or room.
  2. Light up your joint or bong and take a long drag. Hold it in for as long as possible before exhaling.
  3. Pass the joint, bong, or bowl to your friends or companions.
  4. Keep smoking and passing the weed around until you start to feel the effects.
  5. Open the car window or ventilate the room to let the smoke out.

What to Expect During a Hawaiian Hotbox

During a Hawaiian hotbox, you can expect to:

  • Feel a more intense high due to the lack of fresh air and the presence of second-hand smoke.
  • Get the munchies, so bring snacks like chips, cookies, or gummy bears to keep your hunger at bay.
  • Experience a dry mouth, so bring water or juice to stay hydrated.
  • Laugh a lot, as marijuana can make you feel happy and giggly.

Safety Tips for a Hawaiian Hotbox

Finally, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind during a Hawaiian hotbox:

  • Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery while high.
  • Avoid smoking in public places where marijuana use is illegal.
  • Know your limits, and don’t overdo it if you’re a beginner.
  • Make sure to ventilate the space and get fresh air to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

In conclusion, the Hawaiian hotbox is a fun and exciting way to enjoy marijuana with your friends. Just remember to be safe, know your limits, and have a good time!

Blanket Hotboxing: Vaping Under a Cozy Cover

As we continue exploring the world of hotboxing, it’s essential to highlight one of the popular methods of enjoying the feeling of being covered in vapor – vaping under a blanket.

The Cozy and Discreet Experience of Vaping Under a Blanket

Blankets offer an excellent way to vape in comfort and style. Here’s why:

  • Privacy and Discretion: Vaping under a blanket provides a sense of privacy, which is essential for smokers who want to keep their smoking habit discreet. With a well-placed blanket, you can vape without drawing attention to yourself.

  • Cozy and Warm: Blankets are cozy and warm, providing an added layer of comfort, especially on cold days. When you vape under a blanket, you get to take advantage of the warmth and comfort that comes with it.

  • Relaxation and Calm: Vaping under a blanket can be a relaxing and calming experience, creating an intimate and personal atmosphere. The comfort and coziness of blankets can help you unwind and de-stress.

  • Versatile and Portable: Blankets are versatile, easy to carry, and can be used anywhere. You don’t have to be at home to enjoy vaping under a blanket since you can take it with you wherever you go.

The Ideal Blanket for Vaping: Factors to Consider

Not all blankets are created equal. When it comes to vaping under a blanket, certain factors can make a difference in your experience. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a blanket for hotboxing:


The size of your blanket matters, especially if you plan to share it with others. A larger blanket provides more coverage for you and your friends.


The material of the blanket can affect your vaping experience. A plush material like fleece or wool provides better insulation and warmth, making it ideal for colder climates. Cotton or linen blankets, on the other hand, are more breathable and lightweight, making them perfect for warmer temperatures.


The design of the blanket can make a difference in your overall experience. A blanket with a bold and vibrant design can add an extra layer of personality and flair to your vaping sessions.

Vaping under a blanket offers a discreet, comfortable, and cozy way to enjoy your smoking sessions. By choosing the right blanket, you can take advantage of the many benefits that come with blanket hotboxing. So, next time you want to relax and unwind while enjoying the sensation of vapor, consider grabbing a blanket and getting cozy.

What are some Slang Terms for Hotboxing?

Hotboxing is a phenomenon that has been around for decades. As a result, there are several slang terms for hotboxing, and these terms can vary depending on geographical location or preference.

Here are some slang terms that people use to refer to hotboxing:

1. Clouding

This term refers to the thick cloud of smoke that fills an enclosed space after a smoking session.

2. Jamaican hotbox

This term references the practice of smoking cannabis in a confined space such as a car or a small room – a popular way to partake in Jamaica.

3. A Dutch sauna

This term is most common among Dutch cannabis enthusiasts who refer to hotboxing as a Dutch sauna.

4. Smogging

This slang term comes from Southern California’s car culture and is used to describe hotboxing within a car, filling it with smoke, making it difficult to see out the windows.

5. Sesh den

This term is used to describe a dedicated space or area where a group of people can congregate and hotbox.

It is important to understand that while these terms are slang, they still hold meaning to the individuals who use them. More importantly, it is crucial to understand that hotboxing can have serious health consequences, specifically carbon monoxide poisoning. If you do decide to engage in hotboxing, make sure to have proper ventilation.

Can You Hotbox a Dab Pen?

Blanket hotboxing has become more common and popular among cannabis enthusiasts. But it’s not just smoking joints or blunts that people use for a hotbox. Now, dab rigs, pens, and vaporizers are part of the mix.

But can you hotbox a dab pen? The short answer is yes. Here’s what you should know about it:

What Is a Dab Pen?

A dab pen is a handheld device that allows you to vaporize cannabis concentrates, such as wax, shatter, or oil. It’s a convenient and discreet way to consume cannabis, especially when you’re on-the-go.

How Do You Hotbox a Dab Pen?

Hotboxing a dab pen is similar to hotboxing a room, car, or blanket. The goal is to fill the space with enough smoke or vapor to create a thick cloud that you can inhale and enjoy. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Get your dab pen and extract ready.
  2. Choose a small, enclosed space, such as a bathroom or closet.
  3. Close the door and cover any vents or gaps to prevent the smoke from escaping.
  4. Turn on the shower to create steam and moisture that will help the smoke linger.
  5. Take a hit from your dab pen and exhale into the enclosed space.
  6. Repeat the process until you achieve the desired level of hotbox.

Pros and Cons of Hotboxing a Dab Pen

Like any cannabis consumption method, hotboxing a dab pen has its pros and cons. Here’s a rundown of the benefits and drawbacks:


  • Intense high: The concentration of cannabis smoke or vapor in a hotbox can lead to a more potent and prolonged high.
  • Social activity: Hotboxing with friends can be a fun and bonding experience.
  • Discretion: Hotboxing a dab pen is a discreet way to consume cannabis, as there’s no smoke or odor that lingers outside the enclosed space.


  • Health risks: Hotboxing, in general, can expose you to harmful smoke or vapor that can irritate your respiratory system.
  • Overconsumption: The high concentration of cannabis smoke or vapor in a hotbox can lead to overconsumption, especially for inexperienced users.
  • Legal risks: Hotboxing in public or non-private spaces can lead to legal issues and fines.

Hotboxing a dab pen can be a unique and adventurous way to consume cannabis. However, it’s essential to practice caution and responsibility when doing so. Make sure to choose an enclosed and well-ventilated space, take breaks, and stay hydrated to minimize any health risks.

Can You Hotbox Under Covers?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re curious whether you can hotbox under covers. This subtopic focuses on whether it’s possible, safe, and legal to hotbox under covers.

The Lowdown on Hotboxing Under Covers

Hotboxing is a method of smoking where you seal a small space to trap smoke and create an intense high. Doing it under covers sounds easy, but is it really possible?

Here are some key takeaways on the subject:

  • Hotboxing under covers is possible, but it’s not exactly safe.
  • Covering your head and face with a blanket can lead to suffocation and carbon dioxide poisoning.
  • The lack of fresh air means you’ll be inhaling more toxins and harmful chemicals.
  • Smoking under covers can leave a lingering odor that’s hard to get rid of.
  • Doing it in public places like hotels or airplanes is illegal and may result in hefty fines or jail time.

Safety Tips for Hotboxing Under Covers

If you must hotbox under covers, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure there’s enough air circulation in the space to prevent suffocation.
  • Use a fan or air purifier to reduce the amount of smoke and toxins.
  • Take frequent breaks to get fresh air and avoid inhaling too much smoke.
  • Open a window or door to let fresh air in once you’re done.
  • Don’t attempt to hotbox under covers in public places.

While hotboxing under covers may seem like a fun and easy way to smoke, it’s not worth the risks. Suffocation, carbon dioxide poisoning, and harmful toxins can pose serious health hazards. It’s better to smoke in a well-ventilated area and avoid hotboxing altogether. Remember, safety first!

Blanket Hotboxing: The Reddit Trend Taking Over Dorm Rooms

Hotboxing is not a new concept, nor is it a practice limited to the college dorm room scene. But lately, college students have been taking the age-old pastime and adding a new twist: blanket hotboxing.

What Is Blanket Hotboxing?

Blanket hotboxing is the act of trapping smoke from a substance, usually marijuana, underneath a thick blanket. The goal is to contain the smoke in a small, enclosed space, creating a denser and more potent smoking experience.

Blanket Hotboxing on Reddit

Like most trends, blanket hotboxing has found a new home on social media platforms like Reddit. The subreddit dedicated to the trend is a space for users to share their experiences, ask for advice, and post pictures or videos of themselves participating in the activity.

Joining the Blanket Hotboxing Subreddit

If you’re interested in joining the discussion on the blanket hotboxing subreddit, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a Reddit account if you haven’t already.
  2. Search for “blanket hotboxing” in the Reddit search bar.
  3. Click on the result that says “r/blankethotboxing.”
  4. Click the “Join” button on the subreddit page to become a member.

Tips for Blanket Hotboxing

If you’re new to the blanket hotboxing trend, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Use a thicker, heavier blanket to trap the smoke effectively.
  • Make sure the blanket completely covers the space you’ll be smoking in.
  • Ensure there is proper ventilation to avoid suffocation or passing out.
  • Choose a comfortable and safe place to blanket hotbox.
  • blanket hotbox

  • Stick to your limits and practice responsible smoking habits.

Blanket hotboxing may not be for everyone, and it’s important to remember to practice safe and responsible smoking habits at all times. However, if you’re looking for a new way to enjoy smoking with friends, it might be worth giving it a try. And if you have any questions, the Reddit community is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Can You Hotbox with a Cart on Reddit?

If you’re wondering whether you can hotbox with a cart (vaporizer) and share your experience on Reddit, the answer is yes, you can. Reddit is a platform that enables users to share their experiences, tips, and opinions about almost any topic, including hotboxing with a cart. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Hotboxing with a Cart?

Hotboxing with a cart is a popular method of consuming marijuana. A cart or vaporizer, as some people call it, is a device that produces vapor by heating up cannabis extracts or oils. Users inhale the vapor through the device mouthpiece, experiencing a more potent and concentrated high.

How to Hotbox with a Cart

Hotboxing with a cart is similar to smoking a joint or a cigarette, but instead of inhalation of smoke, you consume vapor. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started:

  1. Get your cart ready by attaching it to your vaporizer.
  2. Connect your vaporizer to a power source or charge it if it’s battery operated.
  3. Turn on the vaporizer and wait for it to heat up.
  4. Once your cart is heated up, take a puff and inhale the vapor.
  5. Hold the vapor in your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling.
  6. Repeat steps four and five until you reach your desired high.

Is it Safe to Hotbox with a Cart?

Hotboxing with a cart is generally considered safe when done responsibly. However, as with any substance, excessive use can be harmful and may lead to adverse side effects. Make sure to know your limits and consume only as much as you can handle.

What You Need to Know About Sharing Your Hotboxing Experience on Reddit

Reddit has a large community of marijuana enthusiasts, and many of them enjoy sharing their experiences and tips on various subreddits dedicated to cannabis. However, keep in mind that not all subreddits allow posts that promote the use of drugs or violate their community rules.

Before posting your hotboxing experience on Reddit, make sure you follow the subreddit’s rules and guidelines. Be respectful, avoid promoting drug abuse, and provide helpful tips and feedback to other users.

Key Takeaways

  • Hotboxing with a cart is a popular method of consuming marijuana.
  • It’s generally safe when done responsibly, but excessive use can be harmful.
  • Reddit is a platform that allows users to share their experiences, opinions, and tips on various subreddits dedicated to cannabis.
  • Before posting your hotboxing experience on Reddit, make sure you follow the subreddit’s rules and guidelines.
  • Be respectful, avoid promoting drug abuse, and provide helpful tips and feedback to other users.

How to Hotbox a Room Without it Smelling

Hotboxing a room can be a fun experience shared among friends, but the smell that lingers afterward can be overwhelming and unwelcome. Here are some tips to help reduce the smell of hotboxing a room and make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Use a Smoke Buddy

A Smoke Buddy is a handy device that you can blow smoke into, and it filters out the smoke, leaving behind no odor. Using a Smoke Buddy is an easy and efficient way to hotbox a room without leaving a lingering smell.

Open a Window

Opening a window can help reduce the smell of hotboxing a room. It allows the smoke to dissipate quickly, minimizing the amount of time the smoky smell lingers.

Use a Fan

Using a fan is another way to help reduce the smell of hotboxing a room. A fan can help circulate the air and push the smoke outside, reducing the amount of time the smoky smell lingers.

Use an Air Purifier

blanket hotbox

An air purifier can help reduce the smell of hotboxing a room by filtering out the smoke particles from the air. Investing in a good quality air purifier can help keep the air fresh and clean.

Light a Candle

Lighting a candle can help reduce the smell of hotboxing a room. Choose a candle with a strong scent that can mask the smoky smell effectively.

Use Incense

Burning incense can help reduce the smell of hotboxing a room. Choose a scent that you enjoy and light it up before hotboxing the room. It can help mask the smoky smell effectively.

With these tips, hotboxing a room can be a pleasant experience shared among friends without leaving a lingering smell. Try them out, and have fun!