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Snoop Dogg Offers $5 Box Seats In LA Lakers Rant

Snoop Dogg and just about everyone else in Los Angeles are fed up with the Lakers’ dismal season and he isn’t scared to talk about it.

The West Coast icon takes to Instagram with a scathing message for his beloved team saying:

“Bad year man. It was terrible watching my Steelers play this year and it’s fucking terrible watching my Lakers play. Somebody gotta go. Fuck this shit, somebody gotta go. Matter of fact a lot of ni**as gotta go starting with the coach. Well this shit ain’t going to work. This is not the LA way. Ship all them ni**as out.”

He goes on to say:

“Sick of this trying to act like everything is going to be alright, everything is going to be cool. They going to figure it out. They going to grow. These sorry motherfuckers ain’t going to do shit. Nothing. Get LeBron some fucking help because these goofballs ain’t going to do shit. They sorry. They fucking suck. I’m selling my fucking booth right now. I got a booth for the next 2-3 years. This year y’all can have it. Five dollars for the motherfucking booth to the Lakers games. Five dollars is the price. Anybody can have it. All the homies hit me. Blow me up right now.”

Snoop Dogg aims at the entire team aside from their star player LeBron James who’s been plagued with injury this year along with others such as Lonzo Ball. The LA Lakers are currently sitting in tenth place with a record of 30-33. They’re coming off a loss to the Phoenix Suns (118-109) and play city rivals the Los Angeles Clippers tonight.

You may remember that Snoop blessed Kobe Bryant with a purple and gold Pontiac for his retirement gift in 2016.

The “Grateful” artist is fresh off his tenth interview with Nardwuar and commentary duties at January’s Los Angeles Kings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins game. Snoop Dogg is also working on a new album called I Wanna Thank Me, a follow up to last year’s gospel effort Bible Of Love.

See his rant below.