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6ix9ine’s Brooklyn Home Raided By FBI & NYPD

6ix9ine’s life is never devoid of drama and this time his house got raided by FBI and NYPD officers.

TMZ reports that the Tr3yway rapper wasn’t home when the raid occurred on Friday, but it did result in the recovery of a firearm. Sources close to Tekashi say that he hasn’t been there in weeks and is actually in the process of moving out of the dwelling. Many movers, cleaners, trades men, and other people have been through the residence so the “BEBE” artist hasn’t been charged with anything yet.

6ix9ine is expected to appear on Kanye West’s upcoming YANDHI album and he also just teamed up with Vladimir Cauchemar on “Aulos Reloded.” .

Check back for more information on the case as it becomes available and expect Tekashi’s new song “STOOPID” to arrive soon.

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