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6ix9ine Robbed & Kidnapped At Gunpoint

6ix9ine just released his brand new Nicki Minaj-assisted song “FEFE,” but not everyone is happy with his success as he was robbed and kidnapped at gunpoint early this morning.

TMZ reports that 6ix9ine wrapped up a video shoot earlier today and when making his way home a car bumped his SUV at a red light. Two masked gunmen got out of the vehicle and approached 6ix9ine. They proceeded to take the driver’s iPhone and kidnapped Tekashi placing him in the back of their car. The rapper was allegedly pistol whipped unconscious and driven to his residence where the robbers made his child’s mother meet them at the door with $750,000 in jewelry and another $20,000 or so in cash. 6ix9ine remained in his captors’ possession as they left the house, but was able to regain consciousness and exit out the back door of their moving car. He was followed by one of the gunmen who gave up his chase when 6ix9ine found refuge in a random person’s vehicle and was able to call 911. He later admitted himself to the hospital, but became oddly uncooperative with police.

The self-proclaimed King Of New York has been causing tension with many rappers including YGCasanova, Chief Keef, Tadoe, and more with his viral trolling and was locked up in Rikers Island last week where he claims people tried to slit his throat.

It seems as though 6ix9ine’s antics have finally caught up with him. Check back for more details as they become available.

6ix9ine in hospital