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Ugly God Says His Instagram Was Deleted For Posting About Flat Earth

Ugly God’s Instagram account was mysteriously removed from Instagram following a post about flat earth theory and other conspiracies.

After releasing a PnB Rock-assisted track called “Imma Dog” last week to help build anticipation for his upcoming project Bumps & Bruises, Ugly God took to social media to talk about flat earth, religion, confirming what you believe yourself, and more.

Less than 30 minutes after the post, his account was allegedly removed from Instagram, although it’s since been restored. Fans and detractors of Ugly God alike have suggested it was all a ploy to direct attention to his Snapchat account, a notion that was quickly refuted by the rapper after using the service and an alternate Instagram account to explain what had happened.

“For you dumb, basic, stupid ass ni**as who think I’m doing this for Snapchat followers: For one, I never use Snap and this update is ass. And two, if I really wanted Snapchat followers, I would have just shouted out Snapchat on my main Instagram,” Ugly God explained.

Read the message that got Ugly God temporarily removed from Instagram below.

ugly god posts about flat earth on instagram