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Slim Thug Announces “The World Is Yours” Album

Slim Thug has been relatively quiet since the release of his Killa Kyleon-assisted Havin Thangs 2K17 mixtape, but now he announces a forthcoming album called The World Is Yours.

The 15-track project will include additions from Big K.R.I.T., Rick Ross, Z-Ro, Paul Wall, Sauce Walka, Cam Wallace, Jack Freeman, J-Dawg, and more.

The Houston rapper also decided to build some momentum by dropping the first single off the LP, “Kingz & Bosses” featuring Big K.R.I.T.

Stream “Kingz & Bosses” below and pre-order a copy of The World Is Yours on iTunes before it arrives December 15th.

01. Slim Thug – Twiy
02. Slim Thug – Trap (Feat. Cam Wallace)
03. Slim Thug – RIP Parking Lot (Feat. Paul Wall)
04. Slim Thug – No Love (Feat. Z-Ro & J-Dawg)
05. Slim Thug – Ringin (Feat. Cam Wallace & Sauce Walka)
06. Slim Thug – Kingz & Bosses (Feat. Big K.R.I.T.)
07. Slim Thug – Boss Talk (Feat. Rick Ross & Jack Freeman)
08. Slim Thug – Outstanding (Feat. Cam Wallace)
09. Slim Thug – Wide Frame (Feat. Cam Wallace)
10. Slim Thug – Mercedes (Feat. Cam Wallace)
11. Slim Thug – Cali (Feat. Coolbrothajones)
12. Slim Thug – Run For It (Feat. 52 Savage)
13. Slim Thug – Still (Feat. Cityyy)
14. Slim Thug – Next Level (Feat. Jack Freeman)
15. Slim Thug – What’s Next