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Doughboy Roc Shot & Killed In Detroit

Doughboyz Cashout are one of the most prominent hip hop groups out of Detroit, but now they are a member short as Doughboy Roc was shot and killed yesterday.

CBS Detroit reports that Roc was sitting in a white Hyundai Monday afternoon around 3:30 PM when an unidentified suspect approached the vehicle and opened fire. The rapper was hit twice in the shoulder and ear and when local police arrived he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Residents from the area were quite surprised by the event saying that they couldn’t believe someone young and famous from the area was killed in their vehicle.

Authorities are currently on the hunt for any information that could lead them to a suspect and continue to work with the community in solving his case.

Check back for more information as the story develops. Rest in peaceΒ Doughboy Roc.