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Martin Shkreli Got Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V” Album From A Used Bugatti

Pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli was convicted of securities fraud last week and is facing some time behind bars where it’s not likely he’ll be able to listen to the rare music from his personal collection.

Besides the heavily reported Wu-Tang album he bought for $2 million, Shkreli also revealed during a live stream that he’d acquired Lil Wayne’s long awaited Carter V disc, although he never explained how.

According to White House Correspondent Alex Pfeiffer,┬áthe rapper sold his Bugatti and accidentally left a copy of the album in the car. The new owner then sold the luxury vehicle and the accompanying soundtrack to Shkreli, who almost certainly took it for a spin while listening to Lil Wayne’s LP on full blast.

Shkreli has stopped leaking snippets from the album on stream after being threatened with a lawsuit from Wayne’s camp. Probably a wise move given he’s dealing with enough legal problems as it is.