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Wiz Khalifa’s Visit To Grave Of Pablo Escobar Angers Medellín Mayor

Taylor Gang rapper Wiz Khalifa performed a concert in Medellín, Colombia over the weekend, and then kicked off his Monday by sharing pictures from the trip on Instagram.

Not everyone was happy with Khalifa’s posts however, as Medellín Mayor Federico Gutiérrez blasted the musician for visiting notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar’s grave site.

“It shows that this guy has never had to suffer from the violence inflicted by these drug traffickers,” Gutiérrez said. “That scoundrel, instead of bringing flowers to Pablo Escobar, he should have brought flowers to the victims of violence in this city.”

“He must offer an apology to the city,” Gutiérrez added, before claiming the rapper was “not welcomed” back.

Escobar and his cartel are accused of killing 4,000 people, as well as orchestrating the bombing of an airliner that killed all 107 people on-board, although Escobar passed away in 1993 before he could serve his time.

See Wiz’s controversial photos along with some fan reactions below. Do you think he was in the wrong?

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