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Kamaiyah Announces Debut Album “Don’t Ever Get It Twisted”

Kamaiyah’s debut album is coming soon!

The West Coast artist took to Twitter earlier this evening to reveal the title and release date for her highly anticipated project, Don’t Ever Get It Twisted, due out April 21st.

The LP is set to arrive via Interscope and follows Kamaiyah’s appearance on YG’s popular single “Why You Always Hatin?” with Drake.

Last June, Kamaiyah spoke to Noisey about evolving as an artist:

“I feel like every artist should go through elements of developing your sound,” she said. “No one should be able to tell you how to do you. And I feel like, for the most part, a lot of people come in, and they have a record, but not a sound. So then they fizzle out, ’cause they’re trying to create the sound, because they never developed themselves head on. Me being in the game so long before I actually hit hard, I went through all the mistakes you make. Like, OK, I don’t like how I sound when I do this, maybe I should switch. I feel like that’s the biggest thing with an artist. You should have your own formula and your own comfortable way, and chemistry with people that you work. And a lot of people don’t have that.”

More details as they become available.