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Tomi Lahren & Wale Argue Over “Smile” Lyrics

Political commentator Tomi Lahren wasn’t pleased with her name being mispronounced in Wale’s new “Smile” track and took to Twitter earlier this week to blast the MMG rapper over the song and its lyrics:

The alt-rights hate us
Some back baby mommas hate us
We only learn half of the drama, other side crazy
On behalf of Charlamagne I’m sure he ain’t trading sides
Maybe I should meet Tammy Lahren, I’ll Lauryn Hill her
Train her, she miseducated anyway
Prolly hate the color of my face

Wale took very little time to respond, referring to Lahren as Tammy once again, which resulted in the outspoken analyst trying to mimic his behavior by calling him Whale.

Regardless of their political opinions, both parties could easily find more productive ways to spend their day.