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Killer Mike Gives Powerful Speech At Bernie Sanders Rally In Atlanta

The world is in desperate need of a wake-up call.

The United States Of America is legitimately considering Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to run the most powerful nation on earth. A country that is on the trajectory of a third world war, who is being accused of helping ISIS with the goal of further destabilizing the Middle East to topple the Assad government in Syria, much like we have seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, and Ukraine.

Enter Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a 74 year old Senator who still walks to work, is funded by labor unions instead of banks and corporate money laundering fronts, and has spent the past 50 years fighting for your rights whether you realize it or not.

Yesterday, Bernie held a rally in Atlanta where he was introduced by rapper Killer Mike, who gave the politician a powerful introduction after joining him for lunch earlier in the day for a chat about income equality, social programs, higher minimum wages, and more.

Watch the speech below.

bernie sanders and killer mike eat lunch