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New Documentary Alleges Diddy Murdered Tupac

People have had different theories for years on who killed Tupac and Biggie, and now the subject is back on the table because of Greg Kading’s documentary Murder Rap: Inside The Biggie And Tupac Murders.

Kading, a former LAPD detective shows evidence from the case including an interview with former Crips member Duane Davis in which he states he was approached several times by Diddy about the murder of Suge Knight and Tupac. Davis also went on to say that the night Pac was shot, the rapper and Suge were caught on camera stomping out Duane’s cousin Orlando Anderson for stealing a Bloods member’s Death Row Records chain. Following the altercation, Anderson shot up the car containing Tupac.

Diddy allegedly gave the men $1,000,000 for the deed, however Davis maintains that he never received his half because the third man in their car Zip, kept it from him.

Kading was also able to link Suge Knight to Biggie’s murder six months later, however the files were shelved and case was closed indefinitely.

Watch footage from the film below or download your copy via iTunes.