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Chief Keef Says He’s Running For Mayor Of Chicago

Chief Keef has announced that he’s running for mayor of Chicago.

This weekend, Chief Keef teamed up with Greek billionaire Alki David to perform a special hologram show in Chicago (it actually went down in Hammond, Indiana) to raise money for the family of the 1-year-old child who was killed during the drive-by shooting of fellow GBE rapper Capo. With over 2,000 excited people in attendance, Keef digitally appeared on the stage after a series of supporting acts and broke out into his hit single “I Don’t Like” sending the crowd into a frenzy.

As soon as his first song ended police stepped in and shut the show down, saying that the event organizers were told “NO CHIEF KEEF!”

It’s no secret that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a personal vendetta against the rapper, seemingly for gang activity, so why not send some of his own goons after the hologram of a person who is actually in California?

Clearly upset by the situation (I mean it was a damn memorial show for his killed friend), Keef took to Twitter to ask his massive following to phone Rahm Emanuel and “tell him to stay the fuck off the people’s music.” He also announced that he’s running for mayor of Chicago and says if he gets in “it’ll be the best thing done yet.”

“No one ever gave me a reason why they didn’t want the hologram to appear,” Malcolm Jones, a promoter for Craze Fest told the New York Times. “They didn’t have a real reason. They believed that it would start trouble, but the first thing Chief Keef said via hologram was: ‘Chicago, we need to stop the violence. Let our kids live.’”

Will you be voting for Chief Keef in the next mayoral election?