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Kanye West – All Day / I Feel Like That (Official Music Video)

Earlier today, Kanye West decided to premiere the official music video for “All Day / I Feel Like That,” at the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art. The 9-minute clip is directed by Steve McQueen and was shot in a single take.

While fans still wait on the video to hit the internet, we have a recording from the event to help tide everyone over. Kanye’s new album Swish is expected in the coming months.

Watch below.

Shot by artist and filmmaker Steve McQueen, the video for Kanye West’s songs “All Day/I Feel Like That” plays upon the relationship between the camera and the subject. As in a meeting between the bull and the matador, it remains unclear who chases whom within the arena. The roles of pursuer and pursued are at times inverted. Shot in a single 9-minute take with natural lighting and minimal context, McQueen accentuates the immediacy and intensity of the performer up close. Every movement of West is seen; every breath felt. It becomes apparent how the song itself fuels West’s performance, from the bravado in “All Day,” to the vulnerability of “I Feel Like That.”