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Why Drake’s “Days in the East” Is NOT About Rihanna

Early this morning Drake dropped his second new release of the week, “Days in the East.” After reading a few headlines that stated this was a song proclaiming his love to Rihanna, I realized that anyone who isn’t from Toronto would probably believe this. Myself, being from Toronto, understands entirely why it isn’t about Rihanna and wanted to shed some light on the subject.

First off, the surrounding suburbs of Toronto are called the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and has two areas that are commonly referred to as the West End and the East End. Drake makes numerous references to both in his music. I’d like to bring up the example in “Connect” from Drake‘s recent Nothing Was The Same album. “I’d take Eglington and 401 East End, Exit at Markham Road in the East End, where all the pretty girls are sleeping,” raps Drake while reminiscing about driving his uncle’s car to see a particular girl. He often mentions girls (or a girl) from his past on NWTS and talks about missing her and hanging out before he was famous. “Days in the East” continues with this motif. While it’s true that Drake may have recently spent some time with Rihanna in the Eastern Hemisphere, it’s highly doubtful that he would refer to that part of the world as “the East,” and it’s more than likely he would use that to describe Scarborough, Toronto instead.

“Waiting on you to hit me up…So I can feel like old times”

Futhering this point, it’s common knowledge that Drake is currently in Toronto (he posted images of taking his mom to eat at Cafe Nervosa on Instagram on March 30th).

As well as a picture showing himself in the studio with OB O’Brien, who also resides in Toronto, on April 1st.

So, it would be more timely to release a song about a girl in Toronto while being in Toronto. Especially using lines like “Why you keep askin’ me about her? She’s not here right now, she’s not here right now.” Seems to me THOSE lines are about the real subject of Drake‘s attention ASKING about Rihanna. Who would RiRi be asking this question about? No one. Ha.

“I’m about to ride through the old hood right now.”

While I’m not entirely sure, it could be that this is about Nebby. She did tweet this on March 23rd:

sweet surprises tweet

Regardless, “Days in the East” is not about Rihanna.