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Wiz Khalifa – DayToday: SXSW 2014 (Full Recap)

Wiz Khalifa continues his popular DayToday vlog series going with this recap of his recent trip to Austin, TX for SXSW.

Watch the Frank Paladino-directed clip below.

UPDATE: Added parts 2 and 3.

Wiz Khalifa – DayToday: SXSW 2014 (Episode 1)

In episode 2 of Wiz’s SXSW recap, he and the Taylor Gang crew smoke a pile of weed and hit up FADER Fort for a live performance.

Wiz Khalifa – DayToday: SXSW 2014 (Episode 2)

Wiz Khalifa drops off the third installment of his SXSW recap via the latest episode of his Day Today vlog series. Watch as he and the rest of the Taylor Gang shut down South Padre, Texas. Also included is part 2 which I somehow missed last week.

Wiz Khalifa – Day Today: SXSW 2014 (Episode 3)