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YG – My Krazy Life (Album Review)

My Krazy Life is an album that defines the new West Coast sound. With YG‘s partner in crime producing most of the disc (DJ Mustard), this project could be a classic especially with the help of ScHoolBoy Q, Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Jeezy, Rich Homie Quan and more.

Read my track by track review of YG‘s debut album below.

yg my krazy life album review

1. “Momma Speech Intro” – damn Momma, not the government in public though!

2. “BPT” – a great opening track to set the mood for the album, the whistles make me feel gangster already. This is the shout out song to Bompton (Compton) in which he also talks about how he got into the gang life.

3. “I Just Wanna Party” (featuring ScHoolboy Q & Jay Rock) – it has TDE on it and a Jay Rock verse (which is rare nowadays), and everything else about this song is great. It’s the perfect collaboration with a cool hook and a slapping beat. This is a track you have to bump at a cookout or a house party.

4. “Left, Right” (featuring DJ Mustard) – this has an addicting hook and makes all the ladies pop it. Another banger for the clubs and I finally get to hear what DJ Mustard sounds like on a track. The visual makes the song even better to listen to and gives you that West Coast partying feel!


5. “Bicken Back Being Bool” – if you’re familiar with gang culture you’d realize this track is for the Bloods (who YG is affiliated with).  This is a laid back gangsta track with a witty hook and a fun instrumental, making it a real smooth track to ride to. Although the hook is catchy, I advise you not to rap it out loud.

6. “Meet the Flockers” (featuring Tee Cee) – after listening to this I felt like I could rob anybody’s house. This is literally a manual on how to do a home invasion.  If you were wondering why the title of the song is called  “Meet the Flockers”, it is because LA street gangs call them ‘Flocking Crews’ where teams of burglars target wealthy neighborhoods. Tee Cee delivers an okay verse, but I wasn’t overly thrilled about it.

7. “My Nigga” (featuring Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan) – MY HITTA MY HITTA! A catchy hook is all that was needed for this song to be great.  I am not a fan of Jeezy on a YG song but he clearly came through on this time. Rich Homie Quan should have stuck to singing the chorus, bless your hearing if you can understand him. See the visuals for the single, which already went platinum underneath.


8. “Do It To Ya” (featuring TeeFLii) – DJ Mustard was a genius to use the piano keys on this track! This track shows a soft, but still nasty side to YG. “I gotta momma girl I know how to treat a woman, I like dessert girl I know how to eat a woman”. I love the style TeeFLii delivers and he doesn’t fail to make the song great.

9. “Me & My Bitch” (featuring Tory Lanez) – this was my 1st time listening to Tory Lanez and this song made me want to dig deeper. This track is the “softy” on the album as YG details how his girl cheats on him. For bitter guys only.

10. “Who Do You Love?” (featuring Drake) – this song is average to me and Drake sounds boring. I think YG just wanted Drizzy on this just because they’re friends, and it was a bad idea. A decent hook, it sounds like this track could have been a filler for the album. No back and forth verse? Zzzzz.


11. “Really Be (Smokin N Drinkin)” (featuring Kendrick Lamar) – this song is impossible to not play more than 50 times a day. “Really Be” has an early 1990’s West Coast feel and it’s a PERFECT song for you to smoke to. Kendrick Lamar’s verse really brought up the quality of the song, which really needs a visual.

12. “1AM” – a dark and a gritty song with some scary lyrics of a backstabbing friend setting you up. With a great use of strings and a Dr. Dre sampled lyric, this sounds like it should be on a movie soundtrack.

13. “Thank God (Interlude)” (featuring Big TC & R.J.) – If Nate Dogg was alive he would have been on this song, Big TC is probably going to be featured on more artist’s tracks because of this appearance. R.J‘s verse is great as he tells a story of Keenon Jackson (YG) going to jail. I love this instrumental, it’s harmonic with a PERFECT Adele sample.

14. “Sorry Momma” (featuring Ty Dolla Sign) – you can never go wrong with a special song to your mother, I can tell he was listening to 2Pac‘s “Dear Mama” when he wrote this one. Featuring Ty Dolla Sign on the hook, this beautiful song will likely be overlooked by many but true hip-hop fans will appreciate it.

In conclusion, My Krazy Life should be in this year’s top 5 albums. A classic? Possibly in the years to come, but for now this project will be the reason his fan base will grow exponentially. With the summer slowly approaching, this disc will be in everybody’s car and on everybody’s playlists. From “Toot It & Boot it” to “My Nigga”, YG will continue to grow.

Rating: 9.5/10

Side Note: The skits make the album much better and added to its replay value.

Buy your copy of YG‘s debut album My Krazy Life on iTunes or Amazon. It hits store shelves March 18th.