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Jhené Aiko Poses Nude For PETA

Jhené Aiko delighted fans with a new single called “Maniac” last month, and recently decided to pose nude for PETA’s Rather Go Naked campaign.

When asked about her support of their agenda Aiko stated, “As human beings, we have the power to speak up for animals. They don’t speak our language, so I feel like it’s up to us to help them and give them a voice. Animals have feelings. They have souls. They have emotions. The way they’re killed for fur is very inhumane. They’re electrocuted, beaten, drowned, skinned alive. Once you know that, how could you think wearing fur is cool? It’s not.”

See photos and video from the shoot below.

#DropTheFur. @jheneaiko would #RatherGoNaked than wear fur in her new @peta ad! Double tap if you agree.

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😍😍😍👇 Regram @jheneaiko he said he will drop the fur for me 😭🙏🏻❤️😱

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