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DMX Announces “Redemption Of The Beast” Album

DMX did not have a productive year in rap or his personal life in 2014. The rapper really fell off the deep end with a drug addiction that squandered most of the money he had left, but Swizz Beatz couldn’t let his friend go out like that and came to the rescue in September when he joined X in the studio with araabMUZIK.

Now the rapper announces that he will be dropping his 8th studio album Redemption Of The Beast featuring artists such as Freeway, Rampage, Jannyce, and Grease. The new disc will also be accompanied by a DVD of behind the scenes footage and a copy of his Undisputed project.

Look for Redemption Of The Beast to drop as early as January 13th, and check out the tracklist below.

UPDATE: Swizz Beatz took to Instagram for a series of posts to let everyone know this project is a fake and not the one he’s been working on with DMX and compared it to the Aaliyah movie from last year. He had this to say:

I see a lot of people hitting me about this album!!! I can tell you 100% this is not the album X and I are working on!!!! (I feel like Timbo with the Aaliyah movie rite now) SMH !!!!!! #DontdisrespecttheDog We Got Fire coming.

I see a lot of rapper but I know only 1 X!!!!!!! #nofakealbums We Got Fire #brothers4Life !!!!!!!!!!

When the DOG come back you will know 100% !!!!!! Stop the B.S fake albums!!!!!!!! Fyi We Cooking Fire

1. Spit That Shit
2. Built Like a Bitch
3. On and On
4. Get Up and Try Again
5. Solid (Feat. Rampage)
6. I’m Gonna Win
7. It’s a Problem
8. How’s It Goin Down
9. Shout It
10. One More Night
11. 56 Bars
12. Where You Been (Feat. Freeway)
13. Right or Wrong (Feat. Jannyce)
14. Gonna Get Mine (Grease)
15. We Gonna Make It
16. Love That Bitch (Feat. Jannyce)